Pin it to Win it.

Who’s repinning my pins on Pinterest?

Back peddle: What is the purpose of this social site based in crafts, recipes, scrolling and clicking?

That’s a fairly complex question to be pondered, but back to my original thought – who cares about what I’m pinning on my boards?

I get the emails ever so often. Some days they trickle in. One repin, one like. Other days – when I’m bored and staring at hairstyles my hair won’t allow me to do, and I find the perfect way to “Jazz up your look with just a simple scarf!” I pin with vigor! Surely, each one of the 98 followers of my Fashion board wants to see this!

But, no. Nothing. Not one stinkin’ repin.

It’s never the pins I’m excited to share that get shared. Much in the way that users of Reddit want an upvote, or Imgurians want to see their original post make the front page – users of Pinterest just want a repin. Or 100. 91e422ff548945cfe2092530d725337c

This week I’ve noticed a specific pin – an abstract shoulder tattoo I pinned while scrolling a post on Buzzfeed (don’t even get me started on scrolling  Buzzfeed!) – has gotten a lot of attention.

It seems like every time I check my gmail, another 10 people have decided add my absent – minded pin (which I do not take credit for in terms of the photo content; But you have to admit – that’s a cool tattoo).

Why this pin? As of writing this post, 73 people have repinned it and 24 have liked it – which I guess is a milder form of creeping someone’s boards.


Now, I don’t take my repins lightly. And 73 is nothing to shake a stick at. The most repins  I’ve ever gotten on any post came for a celestial tattoo– 104 and counting (No, you don’t get it. This is a big deal for a girl who can count her friends on less than two hands. One if you eliminate animals).

 But I wonder what does Pinning solve? What is it really for anymore? When it first took off no more than a year ago, ever girl had a wedding board, every health-nut a workout board, and everyone else was pinning nail art they’d never try (Nail art is out, by the way so if you haven’t painted on that glittery cheetah print – DON’T!). I can remember the looks – the glares I got from girlfriends when I said I didn’t ‘pin.’


Now, after falling into the pinning craze, whenever I’m adding a new dress, or hair-do, or in this case – an abstract tattoo- I wonder what exactly is my end goal, here? I’ve tried maybe one Pinterest recipe and the only board that does me any real good is my apartment board – where I stash all of the things I need for a new place and have conveniently set to private.

I think of pinning as just a way to save forever – in a special corner on the internet – a really cool thing I saw that one time.

I think pinterest was a good idea – crafty people sharing 50 ways to reuse buttons – but ultimately the content and expectations are overwhelming. It’s a process, not only to pin, but to remember, acquire supplies (and time) and eventually execute. Pinterest has, to many perhaps – or to me at least – become a craft fiend’s Reddit. Think about – the both have boards, and categories “10 Quick ways to flatten those abs” is to Pinterest as AMA are to Reddit. It may not be that simple, but to me – the clicks all feel the same.


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